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Pekins are ideally suited to the family garden. They have feathered feet that are unable to scratch the lawn as much as other breeds. Due to their lovely nature and bantam size they are easy to handle and make wonderful garden pets. Ours are hand reared from day one, so they do get very tame (some of our Spring chicks, pictured on the gallery page). They lay a beautiful, cream coloured, small egg which has a relatively large yolk. In weight, 2 Pekin eggs = 1 large shop bought egg.




Milo, our dog, very happily shows everyone around ..        

Our cottage farm is tucked away in a rural area on the outskirts of Tonbridge in Kent.

We breed from, and sell, some very pretty assorted coloured Pekin bantam hens. Pekins are ideal if you are looking to keep a few back garden chickens.



Assorted coloured Pekin bantam hens include gorgeous rare frizzled Pekins (our white breeding frizzled Pekins, pictured below). Also, stunning flat feathered Pekins in a huge variety of colours: Cuckoo, Millefleurs, Mottled, Splash, Silver Partridge, Lavender, Champagne, Pure White, Buff/Ginger, Lemon, Chocolate Brown and Greeny Black. (Picture above, one of our five hen houses; Dartanian, the cockerel, with some of our breeding hens)



3rd Sept 2016 ..

         All Pekin bantams now SOLD.

 Next ones we will have for sale won't be until April 2017


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